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About Mr. Lighthill

Mr. Lighthill can assist the client by integrating Health and Safety into their business lines to enhance their bottom line by avoiding losses to personnel and property.  These losses include both direct and indirect costs.  Direct costs are obvious, but indirect costs can be as high as 4.5 times the direct cost according to OSHA and are possibly not covered by insurance and thus not recoverable.  Being proactive pays as it is reported in an article in the OSHA archives that for every dollar invested into Health and Safety, it can return back to the client four to sixfold.  Mr. Lighthill can provide assistance to the client's Health and Safety staff by assisting in their duties, which will free up the staff to stay on top of their facility needs.  For those clients interested in OSHA VPP, Mr. Lighthill can provide a gap analysis and assist in gaining the VPP Star Status.